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12.01.2014, 21:41


Hello everyone
I am a beginner UP4DAR
I have a question: if you can set the mode UP4DAR HOTSPOT station within its range could to link to the repeater? Is it only possible is a link to: XREF, DCS, CCS?
Gird if this question is lame.


13.01.2014, 12:06

Hi Greg,

Using current OS-Version it is only possible to link the UP4DAR over IP to any DCS or XRF reflectors. The CCS is still not supported. The support of DPlus for linking to any REFxxxx for instance was already discussed here: Will DPLUS ever be supported, and stand alone support for modem?

It is planed to include the DPlus functionality to UP4DAR.

73 de Denis OE/DL3OCK


13.01.2014, 22:21

Hi Denis
I thought up4dar will use as a hotspot, and it even to this is not suitable.
Today I plugged UP4DAR as a hotspot network DCS002G, runs great, but I'm not interested kożysta network dcs and xref but only on radio repeaters in SP with its full functionality.
Are you able to give a real date implement a D-plus for UP4DAR?
It's important to me because I like UP4DAR, just the functionality of the device is very limited. I do not want to give you back this cool device. Please chase the software designer to do the new firmware with support for D-plus!


14.01.2014, 07:42

Hi Greg,

in the mean while we get a clearance by Robin for using of DPlus network officially. This means that the implementation of DPlus-Client on UP4DAR is planed for this year. However I can not give any dead line for release. We all are really waiting for it!
Please be aware on the fact, that the whole software is creating in hobby area in the spare time of team members!

73 de Denis OE/DL3OCK