Release Note S.1.01.38

  • Dear Up4Dar community I am proud to announce for a new software release S.1.01.38 that can be downloaded.
    This new release has the features:
    1. Frequency step width are changeable (6.25KHz, 12,5KHz and 25KHz).
    2. Key lock applied by push and hold “MUTE” button. It locks all keys on the entire Up4Dar.
    3. New linking without a previous unlink. For establish a new link in hotspot or repeater mod. It is not necessary to send an “UNLINK” before a new “LINK”. The Up4Dar makes automatically all for you.
    4. Sending an info of confirmation for connecting or disconnecting during hotspot or repeater mod.
    5. A feedback message transmission in hotspot or repeater mode immediately after the end of last received signal to indicate that the user/operator has concluded transmitting. The feedback message contains the info about the received transmission, e.g correct terminated transmitting or an interrupted heade