Impossible to connect varoiuos XRF

  • Hello,
    Sunday I have tried to connect the entire list of reflectors in the list, :D :D :D in the items of this list i can connect only 5 reflectors:

    • XRF022
    • XRF024
    • XRF030
    • XRF077
    • XRF433

    by the way, It's important for me to connect this reflectors XRF008, XRF033, XRF034, and XRF055, so eventually how I can override the DNS request and highjack it with an internal fake DNS server?
    Thanks so much
    73 de Simone IT9NQR

  • Ciao Simone,

    prima ti devo chiederti una cosa, che Tipo di Internet lo usi?

    Filo di fusioni

    Hai provato XRF232?
    Che versione di Software di UP4AR lo usi?

    Ma quelli "XRF008, XRF033, XRF034, and XRF055" sono riflettori spciali, funzionano solo con la Registrazione ircDDB.
    Allora solo Ripetittori automatici posono connettere al quei XRF con un Nominativo automatico.


  • Ciao Simone,

    i Riflettori di ircDDB-Italia non sono aperte.
    Funzionano solo con la registrazione.


    sono aperte per tutti.

    Ma XRF232 dovrebbe funzionare, altrimenti ci sono probleme con il DNS, ansi con IPv6.


    non hanno una IPv6, ma XRF232 forse si.
    Quando la prima risposta e´una IPv6, in diversi casi non funziona.

    Ma non sono sicuro di questo.
    Quando hai provato il XRF232?
    Se qualche giorni fa, fai di nuovo.


  • Hi Timm,
    I tried to connect XRF232 when you requested me, in the previous message, so two or three hours ago... I will try to write to ircDDB-Italia, next step is try to connect the list of reflectors posted by you, now for example, XRF: 022 024 030 077 433 connects whithout problem, I wil try to connect the 003 and 232 for another time and I will say you if it works.

    Thanks & 73 de Simone IT9NQR

  • Hi Simone,

    ok, so its no routing Problem.
    You a tried from the same network(UP4DAR/PC)?

    I have no idea why it won´t work.
    The XRF232 is the same like the XRF022, only the location is diffrent.
    What says your Display on the UP4DAR when you try to connect?
    You can try to set up your own DNS and set the UP4DAR to it.
    Make the zone "".


  • Hi Simone,

    isee you work in the Mode IP-Reflector.
    Try it in the Hotspot Mode once more.

    I wil try it at my place.

    OK i see no traffic to go outside, so i won´t say it has somethin to do with DNS.
    I'll look further

    Maybe i found the issue, let you know, but i have to make some calls.


  • Hi Simone,

    the issue with the XRF232 i found in the Source-Code its a little bug at my oppinion.
    All XRF between 230 and 270 the UP4D will use another Domain to resolve the IP.


  • Hi Timm,
    Tried to change DNS (Google -, but nothing work... Anyway the XRF232 is linked to 022 024 030 and 433 this one works so this is not a problem... the XRF008, XRF033, XRF034, and XRF055, expecially 055, it's important because to this reflectors are linked many repeaters in my region/zone.

    Thanks & 73 de Simone IT9NQR

  • Hi Timm,
    so... I'm trying to understand :D, the host file is inside the firmware? Or the machine request the address to a proprietary DNS list outside in the net? And If the hosts addresses changes you must recompile the code? There is a possibility to access a shell in the UP4DAR... for example like SSH and edit the host file?

    Thanks & 73 de Simone IT9NQR

  • Hi Simone,

    in the Firmware are compiled the DNS Zone were the XRF are located, that means for example

    XRF022 =
    XRF024 =

    and so, but i found in the Code that if the UP4DAR ask Reflectors from XRF230 to XRF270 it will not use
    the Domain, that´s why XRF232 dont work, because in the other Domain is not set the XRF232.

    Normally if you start with a new Reflector you let now the UP4DAR STaff over this Board.

    But i can help you to set up your own Reflector and this one can connect to the REF068 A.
    The REF068 A is open to connect and then you are connected to the ircDDB-Italia Net.


  • Ciao Simone,

    so what i know, there is no Webside which shows you the Reflectors to connect to, but you can ask the DNS for it.

    For Linux:


    For Windows:



    nslookup ip-from-your-dns


  • Hi Timm,
    I have downloaded the file…xtra_Hosts_24.05.2015.txt and checking if the addresses inside the file matches with the list of the up4dar, many addresses don't matches, for example:

    - XRF055


    ; <<>> DiG 9.8.4-rpz2+rl005.12-P1 <<>>
    ;; global options: +cmd
    ;; Got answer:
    ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 6088
    ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0

    ; IN A

    ;; ANSWER SECTION: 3595 IN A

    ;; Query time: 0 msec
    ;; SERVER:
    ;; WHEN: Sun Oct 4 18:26:37 2015
    ;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 60

    So Timm, it's possible create a local DNS system so the requests of the interface is overrided, or how can I/we/you resolve this problem?

    Many Thanks For your hard work!

    Thanks & 73 de Simone IT9NQR