Release Version S.1.01.41

  • Hello UP4DAR-Community!

    We are proud to announce the release of OS-Version S.1.01.41.

    The changes:

    * When using DPRS, up to now sometimes GPS-Data was sent as part of the TX message to the reflector (e.g. DSTAR*:!4650.88N/012) - fixed.

    * The zone could only handle reflectors with a static IP entry up to now. WIth the new version it is also possible to use CNAMES (e.g. Dyndns-domains for XRef) within the new zone Please report zone file changes to Denis, DL3OCK.

    * In some cases the hometimer reconnected to the set reflector room, while already connected to it. Fixed.

    Download of the new OS-Version S.1.01.41 via -> Software

    Thanks to the developers, especially to Michael, DL1BFF!

    73 de Bernd, OE7BSH