• New Functions:

    Link/Unlink Function in Repeater and Hotspot Mode.

    The UP4DAR can be controlled in Repater and Hotspot Mode via the UR-Field.
    To Link the UP4DAR into an Reflector like DCS001C u must put the following into your UR-Field: DCS001CL the L is to Establish a Link.
    To Disconnect put U on the 8th Position into your UR-Field, don`t forget to Disconnect a Link before u connect to a different Reflector.
    Also don`t forget to put CQCQCQ into your UR Field after u did the Remote Commands otherwise your Transmission doesn`t go over the Reflector.
    U will find the new firmware here: http://forum.up4dar.de/index.p…=DownloadDBData&dataID=12

  • Hi,

    I have loaded the new firmware. If I put the link command in the UR field, the hotspot is connected.
    However to get on the reflector there are a lot of actions to be taken:

    1/ put the ID-51 (or 2820 f.e.) in DR mode and put the reflector in the UR field.
    2/ If connected, leave the DR mode and go to simplex DV mode.
    3/ talk on the reflector.
    4/ go back to the DR mode and now select the "U" in the UR field.
    5/ disconnect from the reflector.

    The problem is that in the DR mode, the transmitted stream is not put on the reflector, only the received stream.
    Both my Icom radios need to be switched to simplex DV mode to transmit the stream on the reflector, but than, in simplex mode I can not send UR field commands, the radio needs to be in DR mode for that to happen.

    So all in all, this is a rather complex way to simply get on a reflector through the UP4DAR hotspot. But it works.

    Thanks, ON4VP

  • Hi,

    I do not use the DR mode and the switching is not so complex. Having my QRG=430.375MHz as Simplex I can work via my HotSpot. If I would like to switch the reflector I simply press Menu, then "Call sign" and then I can easy change the UR field with already prepared "commands" (e.g. "DCS001CL", "DCS009BL", " U", etc), which are immediately stored under "Your Call Sign" section.
    Maybe this approach would be also work for you?

    73 de Denis OE/DL3OCK

  • This approach seems to be a bit more simple and straight forward to use.
    If we now could hope that the UP4DAR would be extended to use the DPLUS reflectors, I think that would be a major advantage.
    Thanks for info.

  • Hi,
    iam missing several settigns for D-PRS configuration in latest experimental firmwares. Is there a reason for this and the future firmwares will not support the DV-A setting for DPRS? Or is it just by mistake and it will be back?

    Thank you for answer!

    73, Libor OK1ALX

  • Hi Libor,

    in the version S.1.01.30 the D-PRS both DV-A and DV-G were supported, as well the APRS-IS via IP!
    In the current Experimental Versions this module was built out, in order to keep the remaining main
    parts testable. Of course it is planed to move this functionality back to the main release!

    Please do not ask for the time frame for it. I would not be able to answer this by today.

    73 de Denis DL3OCK