XRF333A & XRF067A new add

  • Bonjour ,

    Changement d'adresse de xrf333 car je change de serveur

    old adresse :
    new adresse : ou xrf333.f1smf.com

    Cordialement , F1SMF

  • thanks for your help
    i use xrf333a with the up4dar but with this update of IP the up4dar can't connect the xrf333a

    the same with xrf067a (nord elsass reflector)
    ip v4 or xrf67.f5kav.org
    i can't connect it

  • Bonsoir,

    the both new IPs are now applied/updated as follow:

    XRF067 xrf067.reflector.ircddb.net
    XRF333 xrf333.reflector.ircddb.net

    Please be aware that this DNS-Table is related to the UP4DAR only as there is no
    common data base for all existing D-STAR solutions. If you would like to have your
    reflecotrs listed on DCS-Dashboard for instance, please contact DCS-team.


    Denis OE/DL3OCK