• The new Experimental OS is available in the Download Database.
    The DTMF Digits for the Rooms should be clear, # is to disconnect from the Reflector.
    The UP4DAR don`t give a feedback after connecting or disconnecting but that should availaible in the next FW releases.
    DTMF Controlling works only in Repeater or hotspot mode.

    73 DL1ESK

  • Hi Satoru,

    you should simply start the Configurator and connect to your board. After this you are choose "File" -> "Firmware Update". In the file browser window you navigate to the directory and the new image file, mark the file and press "Open". After short transfer time you click on "OK". After switching the board off and on, you will get a message about successful done update with the new version.

    73 de Denis OE/DL3OCK

  • Interesting progress. I've just tested two DTMF codes:

    - D1102 will connect to reflector 11B
    - # will disconnect from that reflector.

    Is it possible to make a CCS call sign routing (f.e. 9462) in dtmf to connect to ON7FQ ?

    73 Phil