Update PHY

  • Good morning to all

    On my card and installed the firmware version 0.02.21

    I do not see updates from August of 2013, I had asked if they were planning updates for the version of PHY for the use that I do?

    I only see updates for OS that you are using is connected to the Internet!

    I remind you that I do not use it to make HOT-SPOT or another but to convey with my IC-706 MkII at the direct frequency of 50 MHz or 28 MHz.

    Rimngo waiting for your kind response about!

    73 Maurizio I3YBD

  • Hi Maurizio,

    I do no really get the point of you question. Sorry for that.
    I can provide only general info to you. The current version of PHY is stable and support all features for D-STAR, which we need. So it is no plans to touch it in the near future.

    73 de Denis OE/DL3OCK