Release Note S.1.01.36

  • 1. New display during transmitting showing highlighted UR Call, TXMsg and R1 and R2.

    2. New push button of "R>CS" for call sign routing and displays the history table of five received call signs.

    3. Push button "R>CS" change to "SET", use push button Up Down to choose a call sign. An information screen for about three seconds confirm your selection. Push button "MENU" leaves the history table without a selection.

    4. Push and hold "R>CS" sets UR call to default ("CQCQCQ ").

    5. New display layer "DV SET" to select a field by using push button UP and DOWN.

    a. Use push button "SELECT" to select a field.

    i. To set R1 and R2 to DIRECT, use push button UP to select position "00" in the "RPT Table".

    b. Use push button "CLEAR" to clear a complete field.

    c. Use push button "EDIT" to go in edit mode.

    i. To change a letter use push button UP and DOWN.

    ii. To move cursor use push button RIGHT and LEFT.

    iii. To make a backspace use push button "BS".

    iv. Push button "STORE" leaves the edit mode.

    d. Use push button "WRITE" to write settings into the memory.

    e. Use push button "CANCEL" leaves the chosen field without a change

  • There occurred a problem in the memory section with this Version.

    This version should not use in the repeater mode.

    This should solved in the new Version S.1.01.37.