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    Hello Denis
    From the tracking that you should receive it today with my damaged UP4DAR.
    Let me know how you get the package. I remind you that there is no audio output signal from the modem to the transmitter 6pin connector.
    If it was a possibility, please replace it 6pin connector for better quality, is used in UP4DAR sometimes does not connect with the plug.
    Please, emergency repair, because I miss this great device.
    My data for the return address on the inside of the box.

    Hello Denis
    thanks for the reply.
    The problem is that last night, everything worked OK, this morning does not work! Yesterday I turned off the power, turned them today.
    No parameters from not regulated. At the same radio, same cable DVRPTR V3 plug in and it works. UP4DAR also works well as a gateway to the DCS-and over the Internet.
    I thought 6pin socket is faulty, not once I was connected with a bad plug, but measured the transition directly from the PCB with a cable to plug the radio and it's OK.
    Via Skype did not get along, my English is poor.

    Enter the address for which I send the shipment

    Happy New Year to all!
    Unfortunately, the new year has brought me a problem.
    Morning after switching does not suit me UP4DAR local repeater.
    After a quick diagnosis turned out that low frequency signal from UP4DAR there is no radio. The first idea to upload both the firmware, but no effect. Then I checked the wiring and connector transceiver in UP4DAR, also the appearance that everything is OK.
    Probably end up on the repair from the manufacturer.
    Denis could have any ideas?

    I had the opportunity to test the new software.

    Feedback can be only one: This is what I expected, now UP4DAR and my FTM350 the car fully replace the ICOM radio.
    DVRPTR V3 can not compare to use this amazing device UP4DAR.
    Congratulations to the entire team builders and developers so cool device.


    Tests gemacht!
    Verzerrung des Audiosignals nicht auf die Relais Software abhängen.
    UP4 DAR funktioniert das gleiche mit dem Relais des Control Center als Relais für PCRepeatersoftware.

    Holger, ich danke Ihnen, dass Sie für das Problem der UP4DAR zu präsentieren.
    Ich hatte den Eindruck, dass ich bin ein schlechter Benutzer, alle anderen werden mit UP4DAR zufrieden

    Hello Denis
    I perfectly understand your explanation . I do not agree with them. I will now discuss on technical topics as the kwestimam too little knowledge about the D -Star .
    As a user UP4DAR well as your client to present their comments.
    Newer does not mean better. You may need to modify alegorytm decoding PHY v 0.2.21 to work properly with most repeaters .
    Please note that there is more inverters based on DVRPTR than you sold UP4DAR . If someone uses this device to communicate via the internet is not even aware of this defect because it reveals only mode modem D - star and only repeaters on the board DVRPTR . Perhaps DVRPTR software is underdeveloped , but that is very popular.
    I am convinced that when users see the disadvantage of the device , they will insist that it UP4DAR should be adapted in order to work properly with repeaters with DVRPTR .

    Waiting for the implementation of CCS in UP4DAR and other features which are already written .

    Thank you Sebastian for PHY firmware
    It works according to my expectations.
    I suggest that you go back to the solutions of the older version of the next upgrade.

    Hello Denis
    Thanks for the reply.
    I have uploaded an old firmware PHY found only version 0.2.14.
    A large improvement in the quality of the audio signal.
    Can you send me a version 0.2.18, or show where it is located?

    Hello Denis
    Google Translator badly translates from Polish into German.
    I write short sentences in English.
    If I had a Cyrillic keyboard when I wrote in Russian hihi.
    My questions, also my statement:

    1 As I understand it DVRPTR too quickly transmits data to the transmitter, because the processor was used as a standard quartz with too much frequency drift. (YES or NO?)

    2 In your answer, I realized: this is an error authors (constructors) DVRPTR. They should fix it.

    3 Is it possible to change the settings config dstarrepeater to correct this defect?

    4 Is the previous version UP4DAR was more resistant to the problem of DVRPTR?

    5 Is the replacement of quartz for ATMEL processor in DVRPTR2 LT PCBs such as a +-10ppm fix my problem with UP4DAR.

    Denis sorry for the trouble with such unbearable customer

    Ich weiß nicht, was passiert ist!
    wenn Sie eines der Laufwerke d-Star, auf dem Display in der oberen rechten Ecke der Frequenz zeigen die Zahlen -345. Das Audiosignal wird verzerrt. Was sind diese Zahlen, können Sie durch Veränderung der Parameter, die die Audio-Verzerrung verursachen wird? Das Signal aus dem Laufwerk angebracht erscheint als IC31 und DVRPTR V3 korrekt zu decodieren ohne Verzerrung.

    Ich meine die Startseite Ihrer Website, nicht die letzten Glieder in der Software-Bereich.
    Zu viele können Sie nicht helfen, kann ich nicht programmieren in C + +.
    Meine Programmiersprachen BASCOM und SQL.

    Es tut uns leid Denis!
    Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht. Nicht alles, was ich über die Software zu UP4DAR lesen.
    Ich war mir sicher, dass es sich um ein kommerzielles Projekt.
    Es ist bedauerlich, dass auf der Hauptseite des Projekts gibt es keine Informationen zu dem Thema.