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    Salve amici,
    non si riesce più a connetere il reflector xlx077 dal sito duck-dns appare la scritta reflector in dismissione usare il nuovo xlx039.
    Dati XLX039 IP
    per favore potete verificare e correggere grazie.
    73-51 de in3mcy.

    Thank-You Bernd,
    I think that in the future they will improve the connection to XRF system, i've the some display like in your image, meanwhile we use the UP4DAR that already so it goes very well.
    I hope to connect you,
    73 in3mcy Diego

    Hi Denis,
    I write for a clarification; from the menu IP-Reflector I connect reflecctor Italian with DCS008; But as you can see in the link for Italy there are 4 interconnected reflector XRF008-XRF033-XRF034 and XRF055. I tried to connect eg: DCS033 but I am connected to the French reflector :( , while with the reflector 034 and 055 I get no connection. In the menu I tried the connection with eg: XRF055 but I have like answer "Disconnected." How can I connect XRF033 - XRF034 - XRF055; thanks for your reply :) , 73-51 in3mcy Diego.

    Thanks for the new version of the firmware, I installed it and it works very well; it is not a vital thing if in the future be implemented GPS would be ok, an idea, in the USB-OTG you could use an external keyboard to streamline the operations of setting; it's just an idea because it was already so it's ok.
    I look forward to news, for the excellent solution to the RMU.
    Best 73-51 de IN3MCY

    Hello Denis,
    Today I installed the new firmware 1.01.36 because I was out of qth for work.
    I immediately saw the new features and you have done a really great job, simple and intuitive as complete in its functions. Thank you for your attention to users, fast and very satisfactory, :thumbsup:
    my thanks and best wishes to all of you; 73-51 de in3mcy Diego. :thumbup:

    Hi everyone!

    It's quite half an year that i'm using the up4dar interface and i can say that it works very well.
    Recently i've seen that in some cases i need to set manually the DV parameters in the device ( the RPT1, RPT 2 and YOUR CALL ) in order to connect to the desired repeater or reflector. When i'm at home i done this operation easly through the java program, but, here is the central point of my request, when i am outdoor in mobile (without the laptop) this operation can't be performed directly from the screen of the device. :(

    What i want to ask is if it is possible to implement this operation in the firmware of the device allowing the set of the DV parameters using the setting keys of the device. :thumbsup:

    Really thanks in advance!

    Diego IN3MCY