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    Hi !

    I would like to request a feature :) Today with the use of StarNet I find that the fields avaliable to configure UR are not sufficient. It would be very nice to have alot more fields to configure for STN and reflectors.

    Could you please implement this ?

    73sss SM7I

    Hi !

    I have a UP4DAR and experiencing problems since the CCS7 was activated and CCS4 was discontinued.

    My problem is that I´m about to run JOTA from our scoutsite (I´m a scoutleader and also hamradio operator) the 16-18/10.

    Before that I must gather all the scoutleaders in a meeting (24/9) to plan and discuss the activities for JOTA and that includes the use of D-Star.

    Could you please provide me with whatever beta software you have that supports CCS7 so I can try it out and use on JOTA ?

    73sss SM7I Johan