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    Hello Timm,

    Could you send the firmware me too.
    I have my up4dar down fron repeater site those days as I should add a remote reset and as in last time the tx modulation was very digitalized.

    73 the IW6BFE

    Hello Bernd,

    many thanks for your quick reply.
    I put the same item yesterday in my eBay basket :-)

    I think is best solution and more reliablr, for sure I will buy 2 remote switch as my idea is to replace the old D-Star controller of my second repeater with an UP4DAR ... it works much better of any other modem in commerce, especially with weak and fading signals.

    73 de IW6BFE

    Hello Denis,

    in last 4 month I get UP4DAR locked two time.
    The problem is that repeater works ine but network get locked, UP4DAR do not comunicate anymore and I havo way to reboot it by configurator.

    I need to drive to the repeater then is enough to reboot the board by softkey.
    There is a way to reboot it from RF via URCALL or could you take in mind that for further release ?

    73 de IW6BFE

    Hello Denis,

    as you know I'm a fun of UP4DAR and I use it in my main repeater.
    In those days I'm playing with some professional instruments from R&S and I set deviation (from remote :-)) to get a perfect constellation, the RX deviation is fix around 1240Hz so I believe is fine too.
    By reading the manual I found that the "time shift" is displayed and should be less than 10ppm, but I'm not able to found it in the display or I did not understand something, could you please highlight to me into attached image ?

    Best Regards
    73 de IW6BFE


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    Hello all,

    I'm really happy of my UP4DAR,and probably in few next week I will purchase a second one.
    Would be great if development group will looking to make a C4FM firmware in future, to build a C4FM Hot-Spot or repeater.

    73 de IW6BFE