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    Interesting progress. I've just tested two DTMF codes:

    - D1102 will connect to reflector 11B
    - # will disconnect from that reflector.

    Is it possible to make a CCS call sign routing (f.e. 9462) in dtmf to connect to ON7FQ ?

    73 Phil


    I have changed my configuration as follows:

    Computer has two network cards. First card is my local network via router to internet. This connection is shared over the second network card. The UP4DAR board is connected to the second card.

    1ste card has lan 192.168.0/16 with GW and subnet
    By sharing this in windows 7 the 2nd card has lan 192.168.137/16 with GW and subnet

    I can see the UP4DAR connecting to the internet using DHCP and gets IP address
    I can ping the board from my computer (having two cards).

    But the Configurator (C.1.00.09e) can not see the board ?
    How is this possible ?

    Thanks, Phil ON4VP


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    Hallo zusammen,

    habe das Problem gelöst, habe die +8V genommen statt der +5V und nun gehts. Im Mikrofon kann man dann noch am Podi ein bisschen nachregeln.
    Scheinbar ist die Spannung zusammengebrochen beim Senden der DTMF Töne.

    73 Frank |DG2GG

    Hello, is it possible to send me or post the modifications for this mic in English please.
    I have the same mic and like to use it on the UP4DAR.

    73 ON4VP

    Same here. I most of the hotels where I used the UP4DAR, I needed to use my laptop to access the internet because of the security of the hotel's website. Some hotels also use a proxy to check your account is still valid in terms of payment.

    If the hotel has WiFi, I used the Apple Airport to connect to the wireless network of the hotel and used the the ethernet connection to connect my laptop. As the mac address from the Apple Airport is registered, just like Dennis says, you need to make a subnet that is routed to that address so all device are allowed to pass through.

    If the hotel has ethernet lan, I used the WiFi to connect my laptop and the UP4DAR goes in the ethernet connector of the laptop. There's always a way to use it in different configurations. Most important is to understand that the hotels restrictions most of the time means you need to make a subnet routed to one device connected to the hotels network.

    I had the same issues with a DVAP + Raspberry Pi.
    73, Phil ON4VP


    We had already often the discussion about native support of DPlus on UP4DAR in the past.

    The Dplus System is a closed source technology of American OM Robin AA4RC. In order to implement a DPlus client on UP4DAR we need a small technical support and especially formal acceptance by Robin, that he is fine with connection of UP4DAR to his network. Until now we did not get any clearance by Robin. Some OMs saying that it is easy to revers engineer the DPlus system for simple connection to the DPlus infrastructure. We are not planing to go this way.

    I understand that the 'official way' is the best way.

    As soon we have the „OK“ from Robin, we can ask him some details and start with the implementation of the support.

    I regret that amateurs sometimes don't show more sympathy to each other. We're a small group. We need all the support we can get and I find it stupid to compete, that leads to frustration ... just my two cents.

    I really hope that DPLUS will be included. That would make it a great device.

    73 de Denis OE/DL3OCK

    The latest firmware updates have really been a joy to use. Finally we can start using the UP4DAR as repeater and hotspot.
    Two big questions remain:

    A/ Will DPLUS ever be supported to work the REF reflectors ?

    B/ Will the UP4DAR in the future support full stand alone operation as a modem and hold several memories with dstar repeaters so that a computer is no longer needed to operate it with a radio?

    73 Phil.

    This approach seems to be a bit more simple and straight forward to use.
    If we now could hope that the UP4DAR would be extended to use the DPLUS reflectors, I think that would be a major advantage.
    Thanks for info.


    I have loaded the new firmware. If I put the link command in the UR field, the hotspot is connected.
    However to get on the reflector there are a lot of actions to be taken:

    1/ put the ID-51 (or 2820 f.e.) in DR mode and put the reflector in the UR field.
    2/ If connected, leave the DR mode and go to simplex DV mode.
    3/ talk on the reflector.
    4/ go back to the DR mode and now select the "U" in the UR field.
    5/ disconnect from the reflector.

    The problem is that in the DR mode, the transmitted stream is not put on the reflector, only the received stream.
    Both my Icom radios need to be switched to simplex DV mode to transmit the stream on the reflector, but than, in simplex mode I can not send UR field commands, the radio needs to be in DR mode for that to happen.

    So all in all, this is a rather complex way to simply get on a reflector through the UP4DAR hotspot. But it works.

    Thanks, ON4VP