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    Hi Bernd, thanks for reaction

    Only in repeater mode or?

    Both, in repeater and hotspot mode. I've tried the behaviour in repeater mode as well as hotspot mode.
    In repeater mode, if i keep pressing the PTT with the "I" command for a few seconds, then release it, i don't even get a ack at all. If i release the PTT shortly after sending the "I" command, i get the right response with status.
    In hotspot mode, if i keep pressing the PTT with the "I" command for a few seconds, ti keeps periodicaly transmit and receive while pressing the PTT. If i release the PTT shortly after sending the "I" command, i get the right response with status message again.

    Feature - for hotspot mode you have to set usually RPT1 and RPT2 to DIRECT

    Well, i thought its a feature. Personaly, i would prefer the settings of RPT1/2 for hotspot mode as well.

    Maybe different settings in the menus MODE SET and CALLSIGN?

    Not sure what do you mean exactly?

    Not sure, but IMHO the UP4DAR is some kind of "igate" and forwards all received DV-A data to the APRS world :-)

    Well this is fine, i can live with that and i don't see it an issue. Just wanted to point it out in case of bug :)

    73 Libor, OK1ALX


    first of all thank you again for your work guys! The changes are really promising and i like every new feature :)

    I have loaded the new firmware, tested it and found several thing:
    :: When requesting status with URCALL "I", the response is almost immediate, no matter if the RX frequency is still busy or not.
    :: RPT2 works only for repeater, not for hotspot mode, is it bug or feature?
    :: RPT1 must be set to B module all the time, no matter what module letter is selected for the connection to reflector (in my case C)
    :: When the GPS is used, in most cases, the Message shown on reflector dashboard is replaced by part of APRS string (look at the screenshots). In the same time the message is correct at the other stations's radios. So it seems the reflector is acting weird, at least at the czech reflector.
    :: DPRS is gated to APRSIS, no matter if the station using correct RPT1/2, bug ur feature?

    73, Libor OK1ALX


    Hi Libor,

    I do not know, why you have problems with PayPal. I had a look into the settings. The Czech Republic is in the PayPal white list. So, it should work. If not, I have a work around for you. Place a normal order with the payment method "Überweisung" and send the invoice amount PLUS 5EUR directly via PayPal on your usual way to "".

    73 de Denis DL3OCK

    Hi Denis, my deepest apology.
    As usual the problem was on my side. This transaction required different settings of my credit card it seems, which is strange because i use paypal on ebay quite often without any issues and even last transaction was few days ago too...
    Anyway, thanks for help, the transaction was done normaly now and iam looking forward for the package :-)


    Hi Libor,

    In the german part of this forum Denis made some explanations for the repeater mode with the RMU installed (RMU V2.0 auf der HamRadio 2014 vorgestellt). In that thread he mentioned, that the RMU can be disabled and enabled - IMHO there will be a new firmware with settings to switch the RMU on/off, set frequency and so on.

    73 de Bernd, OE7BSH

    hi, thank you for guiding me to the german part of the forum, unfortunately i dont speak german :(
    I tried google translator and if i understand corectly, then:
    - in hotspot mode the UP4DAR works fully through RMU
    - in repeater mode RMU works as RX and external radio as TX
    - if i disable the RMU, which i don't know how atm ;-) , everything work like there is no RMU?
    - there is planned new firmware version with RMU support to fully operate frequencies, PWR?, disable/enable the RMU
    so there goes my additional questions:
    - how does the UP4DAR works in modem mode with RMU installed?

    Thank you for your time!

    73, Libor OK1ALX

    Hi, really nice work with this new expansion board for up4dar!

    Can you please answer two questions to me?
    - How do you program/change the frequencies?
    - If you install this board extension, will you be able to use the external radio too?

    Thank you for the answers and keep up the work.

    73, Libor OK1ALX

    iam missing several settigns for D-PRS configuration in latest experimental firmwares. Is there a reason for this and the future firmwares will not support the DV-A setting for DPRS? Or is it just by mistake and it will be back?

    Thank you for answer!

    73, Libor OK1ALX